Mama Life

A few of my tried and true baby products.
  • mamaRoo – I love the mamaRoo because unlike regular swings this has the ability to move in 5 different ways with varying speeds. The mamaRoo also has an adjustable bar so that you can change how far your baby is reclined. It’s also nice that you can change the setting/speed right from your phone with the 4moms mobile app.
  • Dock-a-Tot – This is my go-to product when my little man just needs a spot to hang out or take a quick nap. We even used this the first couple of weeks after my son was born to co-sleep. My son enjoyed the snug feeling he got from being in the Dock-a-Tot, and even now at almost 3 months old this is one of the only places he’ll sleep during the day that isn’t in our arms. I like that this has padding on the bottom so that you can place it on a harder surface without worrying that your baby is comfortable. It’s also very easy to wash which is a HUGE plus in my book.
  • Graco Pack ‘n Play – Pack ‘n Plays are great for many reasons, but I really love the Nearby Napper version because it has both a changing table and a removable infant seat/bassinet. We have this set up in our living room as a catch all baby station and it’s great to have a safe place to set baby down for a few minutes that’s out of reach of our animals if my husband or I have to step away for a moment.
  • Hatch Rest Sound Machine – Probably my favorite product from this list! This sound machine is wonderful and totally transformed how my son slept once we started using it. This has multiple sounds ranging from white noise to light rain and can also be used as a night light. What’s great about this sound machine is that sound will play continuously and won’t stop in the middle of the night, which could wake your baby. You can also set different programs, such as Time to Rise and Nap Time, that can be used to help sleep train your toddler.
  • Como Tomo Bottles – I love these bottles so so much! The vents in the top are anti-colic, and I definitely noticed a diffence with my son’s fussiness when we switched to using these bottles. What I like about these versus another anti-colic bottle, like Dr. Brown’s, is that there aren’t any extra parts that need to be washed. And any bottle that makes less work for me when I’m doing dishes is a win in my book. These bottles are also made from silicone and are very soft to the touch.
  • Baby Brezza Formula Pro – If you plan on giving your baby formula this is a MUST. This machine takes any guesswork out of making a bottle, not to mention it makes bottles FAST. Which is great when baby is screaming because they’re hungry and want to eat right. now. This makes bottles from 2oz. to 10oz. and you can set 3 different water temperatures. The machine itself is relatively simple to clean, the instruction manual is easy to read, and the machine will give you reminders when the funnel needs to be cleaned or it is low on water. I also like that this doesn’t take up much space on the counter.