Holiday Decor Inspo

It’s the most wonderful timeeeee of the year! I’m letting pumpkins have their moment because I love them, but they will never live up to the love I have for Christmas decorations! I’m trying not to jump the gun and put up my tree before Halloween, but honestly, it’s so tempting. Do you feel the same? Because I’m pretty sure my husband would go crazy if I started trimming the tree this early in the year, I’ve decided to channel my love of the holidays and put together some ideas for decking the halls.

You can shop any of the photos I share by clicking on them and following the link.

Kirkland’s is my happy place. The end.

Kirkland’s has a TON of holiday decor at tons of different price points. I love that you can find a good mix of inexpensive items that look like they cost just as much as something worth twice the price.

Amazon is known for having basically anything and everything you could ever want, and Christmas decor is no exception.

I’ll be adding to this post as we get closer to the holidays, so be sure to come back and look for all the new finds!

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