My Self-Tanning Routine

If there’s one thing I love, it’s being tan. Not like Snooki circa Jersey Shore season 1 tan…just a nice golden glow. But the sun can be so damaging to your skin, and tanning beds haven’t been a thing since 2012 (seriously, if you’re still going to a tanning bed PLEASE STOP). I have tried lots of different self-tanning products over the years, so I know there’s some really great products and some really terrible products out there. I wanted to share what works best for me personally, and give some tips about how to get a better tan at home so that you can get that perfect golden glow for summer!

Steps for a Great Self-Tan

  1. Exfoliate exfoliate exfoliate – This is the first (and most important) step to self-tanning. About 24 hours before applying self-tanner I like to exfoliate in the shower. I will typically use a scrub on my legs and arms to help remove the dead skin. I’ve also heard that exfoliating gloves are great to use as well.

2. Lotion – Just before you apply your tanner, apply lotion on your knees, ankles and elbows. These areas tend to be more dry and can come out looking a little awkard if too much self-tanner is applied to them. The lotion will help out with that.

3. Apply tanner – Lately I’ve been using Jergens Instant Sun in Deep Bronze as my base color. This will instantly give you a beautiful tan that isn’t streaky or orange. I will use a mitt to apply so that my hands don’t get too much tanner on them. After I apply the foam, I will follow up with the Jergens Natural Glow lotion the next few days to keep the tan looking good and to maintain the color I want. For my face I will use the Isle of Paradise self tanning drops with my face moisturizer. I like the drops because they provide a gradual tan and don’t have a scent to them.

So, there you have it. Three easy steps to a beautiful tan all year round. The Jergens products I use are some of the best products I’ve found at a really afforable price point. I’ve used tanners that are twice as expensive and don’t work nearly as well. You can go to my profile to shop my favorite tanning products and so much more.

XO, Lauren

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