Mama Life

Planning a Nursery

When I found out I was pregnant one of the very first things I thought about was what our child’s nursery would look like. It seems like for years I’ve been pinning ideas about what my baby’s room would look like, but as soon as it was time to actually put a nursery together I was STUMPED. For months I looked at all websites, scouring the internet for just the right theme. There are so many things to consider, and add the overwhelming amount of choices to the infamous “pregnancy brain” and it’s one heck of a combination.

One of the first choices that will be helpful is deciding whether or not you want to have a gender netural theme. The benefits of this would be that if you aren’t going to find out the gender of your baby you can still go ahead and design their room, and it’s a great option if you’re planning to have more kids in the future. On the other hand, choosing to design the nursery around if you’re having a boy or girl allows the space to be more personalized and you might be able to choose a more specific theme for your little one’s space. For me, this was probably the most difficult part of the process simply because I love personalization, but I also like being able to reuse items. In the end, I decided to go with a woodland theme that works for my son, but could also become more girly if a little baby girl is ever in my future (fingers crossed, my love of baby clothes is stifled by the boy section…but that’s for another post haha).

Next, is the furniture. Going into this nursery, I did not fully understand just how many options were at my fingertips when it came to baby furniture. The amount of cribs, dressers, changing tables, gliders, etc. is astounding. Now, I wish I was one of those people who can put together a room piece by piece and have it all come together and look amazing…buuuuuut I’m not. So, I found a website that sells nursery sets. If this is something that speaks to your soul like it did to mine, you can look at all the options here. What I really liked about the Delta Children website is that once you choose the crib and dresser combo you’re able to upgrade your glider and mattress. The quality of the crib and dresser are decent, but if you’re looking to pass down your crib to your grandchild one day then I would keep looking. I was probably the most excited about my glider; I dreamed of the day I would hold my baby in my arms rocking them to sleep. And the glider I got from Delta did not disappoint! But, I do wish that the glider had come with an ottoman. Also, I did notice that after we started using the glider more consistently after our son arrived the chair began to squeak very loudly when we would sit back in the chair and rock which isn’t exactly ideal when you’re trying to get your baby to sleep. Long story short, if I had to do it over again I would probably try to pick and choose higher quality pieces instead of doing the set, but I’m still very satisfied with our purchase from Delta Children.

My favorite part of creating the space for my child was all the decor. Home Goods & Hobby Lobby are my homes away from home and they did not let me down when it came to finding great options for a nursery. Etsy is another great option and I love that you can find handmade items there! One of the wonderful things about Hobby Lobby (and there are many) is that they will group decor that matches together which takes a lot of the guess work out of decorating if that’s not really your thing. And of course, Amazon will always be a great resource for finding decor items. My number one reccomendation when it comes to decor is to find pieces that you truly love, and to keep it simple.

Planning out a nursery can be stressful, but so much fun! As long as you do your research about what products you want and trust yourself everything will turn out great. And most importantly, your baby will have a beautiful space to call their own.



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